Huskies News · Hillcrest Unified Basketball Team has first practice!

Yesterday, our first ever Unified Basketball practice was held thanks to this years athletes and our coaches Shannon Hurst, Matt Snyder, Julie Willeitner and Brittany Thomfohrda.

So what is Unified Sports? Coach Hurst answers that question, “Unified sports are teams made up of athletes with and without disabilities. It’s all about inclusion and having fun together, which is why “Unified” fits so well.”

Coach Hurst also coaches our Unified Soccer team along with Shelby Helster. “We will be running a campaign in March at Hillcrest called “Spread the Word to End the Word,” which focuses on encouraging people to remove the R word from their vocabulary as it is super offensive,” says Hurst.

Way to go Unified Basketball!! We want to congratulate all of our Unified Athletes and thank everyone for supporting them.

Go Huskies!!