Huskies News · Hillcrest Theatre wins Region!

HUGE Congratulations to all of our amazing Hillcrest Theatre students and teachers!

REGIONS CHAMPIONS!! 🙌🏆💚🎉#regionchamps #weareHILLCREST #hillcrestunited

Here are the 2019 Region II Theatre Competition Results!!

*1st Place Overall Sweepstakes

*ALL 25 pieces advanced to the State Competition *1st Place Humorous Monologues: Eliza Luker, “The Government Inspector” (coached by Allie Jones)

*2nd Place Humorous Monologues: Ellie Otis “The James Plays” (coached by Amelia Miller)

*3rd Place Humorous Monologues: Jacob Winegar, “One Man, Two Guvnors” (coached by Drew Fellows)

*1st Place Dramatic Monologues: Darryl Ifote, “Pipeline” (coached by Jack Cobabe & Ethan Pearce)

*2nd Place Dramatic Monologues: Oliver Smith, “The Ferryman” (coached by Max Lepore)

*3rd Place Dramatic Monologues: Kami Loertscher, “Seven Guitars” (coached by Cassady Babbel)

*1st Place Classical Scenes: Max Abbott/Emma Cox/Ashley Horiuchi, “The Duchess of Malfi” (coached by Parker Fife)

*2nd Place Classical Scenes: Kyle Snowder/Grace Zito, “Platonov” (coached by Robyn Otteson)

*3rd Place Classical Scenes: Karlie Dowding/Frankie Otis, “The Way of the World” (coached by Elise Harle)

*1st Place Contemporary Scenes: Coleson Eldredge/Kaden Stowe, “The Lieutenant of Inishmore” (coached by Joseph Tew)

*2nd Place Contemporary Scenes: Elizabeth Martin/Quinton McFarland, “Network” (coached by Lizzy Campbell)

*3rd Place Contemporary Scenes: Lauren Bohmholdt/Jared Guertler, “Translations” (coached by Zachary Jessop)

*1st Place Pantomimes: Janell Rogers/Cole Saxey, “Hallucinations” (coached by Cindy Vazquez)

*3rd Place Pantomimes: Jacob Ruplinger/Brinley Wittke, “Operation” (coached by Emily Haslam & Emma West)

*1st Place Musical Theatre: Aleisha Meier, “Falsettos” (coached by Emma Beal)

*2nd Place One Act Play: “A Room of One’s Own: Female Playwrights Through History”

*Outstanding Performance in a One Act Play: Darryl Ifote *Outstanding Performance in a One Act Play: Kami Loertscher